Lallu Tallu Action Game

Lallu Tallu Action Game

Games are a stress-buster and have healing properties in today’s mundane and hectic life, with a pinch of sarcasm attached. VV tech is one of the best game development Company in Jaipur . Lallu Tallu Action Game is one of the best creations. Our Lallu Tallu Game includes a match feature with greater ease of use and game refresh capabilities. Our developers build games for both web and mobiles, including all app platforms. We are popular for our highly secure Android game development services. Lallu Tallu is the best online action game for Android and Windows.

Save Lallu from Tallu and bring Lallu home safely. Lallu Tallu is aunique action style game with best escape drama between Lallu & Tallu. Lallu is at his friend’s house and wants to go to his house. Tallu is waiting outside with his long bamboo. The challenge is toget Lallu to his house safely. Can you complete this adventurechallenge! How to Play: It is very easy to control, run as fast asyou can, touch & slide screen to move left & right and up& down. Explore new areas. Move quietly between houses andbuildings. Go on a running adventure. Shield will protect you fromone type of obstacle. Use power pack to gain health. Optionalin-game purchases.

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According to the WHO guideline during the pandemic

It was said that it was necessary to clean hands from time to time with sanitizer, in the same way in the game, the same is depicted with a shield. With this shield you can avoid corona. Similarly, a healthy diet is represented by a medipack, so that you can increase your power in the game again. Apart from this, there is also the option of a life, which after being healthy after being quarantined, you can start your life again, using which you can resume the game from there even after your game is over.

The team, showing its creativity, has got the incidents with the people well connected. But the struggle did not end here. The game was completed and the team named the game ‘Korona Kaal’. It was launched with great pleasure but due to Google’s policy violation, its name was changed to ‘Lallu Tallu’. Lallu Tallu is a free 2d game. You all share this as much as possible.

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